Kali Linux's undercover mode is such a fun feature: https://www.kali.org/docs/introduction/kali-undercover/

Decided to switch back to Arc. I think that Arc is perhaps the best out-of-box experience and I appreciated trying it out! The main things pulling me back to Firefox from Arc (aside from requiring account login, yuck):

  1. Arc’s syncing is pretty mediocre for my use-cases (extensions and their settings don’t sync at all between devices)

  2. I can codify my entire Firefox setup with Nix -- Arc's design makes it very difficult to codify

  3. With tiling window managers I can still split screen Firefox in an efficient way, using keyboard shortcuts that work in every browser and OS

  4. Arc doesn’t have a Linux release

I’ve never been able to get smooth game streaming performance via Moonlight on my iPads or Macs. Finally found a solution that worked for me, and I’m stoked to play Ghost of Tsushima without stuttering on my M4 iPad Pro: https://github.com/moonlight-stream/moonlight-ios/issues/627#issuecomment-2121538546

Starting the painful process of refactoring my Kubernetes deployments in my flake. Hoping to greatly reduce lines of code.

TIL that Apple allows you to run Content Caching servers for various things like iOS, MacOS updates, etc.


Will be curious to do further investigation and find out if you can run it on Linux.

Trying out Arc browser. I really enjoy it so far! It's a bummer it's not available on Linux yet -- and I'm not a huge fan of being forced to login before being able to use it.

I really like Boosts, and the general appearance/layout options.

My wishlist for iPadOS 18 at WWDC next month:

  1. A cursor that isn't a gigantic dot
  2. Some sort of sandboxed developer environment

I think point 1 is probably not unreasonable -- but, for point 2, I don't know if Apple actually wants a laptop killer. I think point 2 is a dream that will never come true.

The current state of deploying Dockerized self-hosted GitHub Actions runners is absolutely wild (in a bad way).

Threw this container together to simplify a self-hosted GitHub Actions container deployment:


Docker hub.docker.com

Surprised at how useful I've found kasmweb!

Since I use Nix inside my development container in kasm, thought I would share the config for any other kasm users wanting to use Nix inside a container.

Docker Exec Config:

{ "first_launch": { "user": "root", "cmd": "bash -c 'echo \"kasm-user ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL\" >> /etc/sudoers'" } }

Volume mappings:

{ "/opt/kasm-volumes/ubuntu/{username}/nix": { "bind": "/nix", "mode": "rw", "uid": 1000, "gid": 1000, "required": true, "skip_check": false }, "/opt/kasm-volumes/ubuntu/{username}/etc/profile.d": { "bind": "/etc/profile.d", "mode": "rw", "uid": 1000, "gid": 1000, "required": true, "skip_check": false } }

I did the /etc/profile.d mapping after I installed Nix in the container and I copied all the original /etc/profile.d content to the new folder on the host.

I also have Kasm's persistence enabled.

Spencer Heywood shared a month ago

Built an attic container so I could run a Nix binary cache in Kubernetes: https://hub.docker.com/r/heywoodlh/attic

Will throw together a how-to blog post soon.

Docker hub.docker.com
Spencer Heywood shared a month ago

Really enjoyed this post: https://dataswamp.org/~solene/2024-04-20-workstation-going-stateless.html

A couple of things that I started working on immediately following:

  1. Re-set up Ventoy on a large USB, and set up images for both x86_64 and ARM64
  2. Set up kasmweb in my homelab
  3. Secured kasmweb behind Cloudflare Zero Trust and auth0

These components would more easily enable me to be able to quickly access my homelab resources in a secure fashion and on a machine that has never been configured.

Updated my 1Password to password-store backup script to backup my entire 1Password presence in just 32 seconds (it was around 30 minutes before):

❯ time op-backup ... ________________________________________________________ Executed in 32.60 secs fish external usr time 15.89 secs 101.00 micros 15.89 secs sys time 11.98 secs 846.00 micros 11.98 secs

Updated commit: https://github.com/heywoodlh/1password-pass-backup/commit/c938124eff5dddd3aad226a5a5a6ae65441211b7

I feel like a git wizard now that I'm able to resolve conflicts with git mergetool :D

If you're managing your Firefox profile with Home-Manager and you want to set Kagi as your default search engine, here's a snippet:

programs.firefox.profiles.home-manager = { search = { engines = { "kagi" = { urls = [{ template = "https://kagi.com/search?q={searchTerms}"; }]; definedAliases = [ "@k" ]; iconUpdateURL = "https://kagi.com/favicon.ico"; updateInterval = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000; # every day }; }; default = "kagi"; privateDefault = "kagi"; }; };

I'm using GitHub Pages/Jekyll (via Jekyll Now) for my blog. Have been spending the last hour trying to figure out the best solution for generating a tag page. This solution was simple and easy to understand -- but took a while for me to find:


Built a Honeypot deployment that will send me push notifications via NTFY in Kubernetes. Check it out:

nix build -o heralding.yaml "github:heywoodlh/flakes?dir=kube#heralding"

One-liner for tailing log files and doing something when a new line is added (useful when setting up a pod in Kubernetes for tailing a log file and running an action for each new line generated):

while read line; do echo "Line: $line"; done < <(tail -F /log/log_auth.csv)

The SDF Public Access UNIX System project is such a great public service. Definitely need to start using it more.